Soccer games postponed to Monday


Aden McClune

DFW is in the line of tornado alley, often with chances of severe weather. For some, the weather is a signal to stay indoors. But for storm chasers, it’s the time they head out.

Remi Williams, WTV Staff Reporter

The rain isn’t going away, but Friday’s soccer games are as Frisco ISD has postponed all matches until Monday.

“I’m frustrated because we’ve been prepping for this game,” boys head coach Fred Kaiser said. “Also because the games have been pushed to Monday, which will give us three district games next week, including back to back.” 

Kyle Beggs, the assistant coach for the girls’ team agrees with Kaiser on the challenge of three games in five days but understands the reason for the move.

“The biggest thing is the safety of the players and all the families traveling to the games and stuff, obviously, everybody has to get there safely otherwise we can’t play,” Beggs said. “They are people first. They’re not soccer players, everybody’s people first. So that’s the biggest component is that safety piece, if they feel that it’s in the best interest to postpone a game.”

With both teams playing three games in one week both coaching staffs will use Wednesday and Thursday as recovery days.

“I know we’re talking with the people over at The Star,” Beggs said. “We have a little thing about doing a recovery with them on one of the days after our games.” 

“It’ll be recovery days,” Kaiser said. “We’ll rest our muscles ice bath, lots of stretching and things like that.”