Underclassmen revise four-year plans


Noah Servigon

This semester, the counselors have put together a video to assist underclassmen in making course selections for the 2020-21 year. Students have until Friday to alter their schedules on HAC.

Athena Tseng and Aarya Oswal

As underclassmen finalize course selections for the next school year, students will watch a video from the counselors in their social studies classes on Wednesday and Thursday that will provide information about updating four-year plans on HAC.

“The information will be about course selection for the next school year,” S-Z counselor Staci Stokes said. “It will include information on how to choose your class, where to find answers to your questions, and much more. The purpose of this presentation is to guide students through the course selection process as there is a lot to know when making class decisions.”

Faced with difficult decisions, freshman Diya Mehta feels overwhelmed by the many options that the school district offers in classes as she prepares her selections.

“I feel very conflicted about my options because there are so many great classes to choose from,” Mehta said. “I also have to worry about graduation requirements and prerequisites for classes I want to take in the future. Selecting our classes right now or even just glancing at what we picked last year in eighth grade really gives us an advantage to see what path we’re on. Also, junior year is a critical year for colleges to see your classes so I feel stressed about that as well because I want to take classes that will boost my GPA but also that I am interested in.”

Curious about the registration presentation, sophomore Jason Cranfill wants to know more about how to change his four-year plan.

“The presentation is really going to help me choose my classes for my junior year,” Cranfill said. “I’m really glad that the counselors have decide to do this. I think it’s going to help me with college and making the right choices for classes. It will also help me learn how to change my classes in HAC.”

Students do not have to wait until the counselor’s presentation as changes can be made online by Friday. However, students will still be able to make changes until the end of the day on May 1, 2020. 

“Students currently have the opportunity to log in to HAC and update their career planner for next year,” Stokes said. “This essentially allows students to go ahead and pick their classes for next year or get an idea of what to take. I recommend students log in to HAC and start making these changes so that they have a point of reference when the presentations roll around next week. From there, all course selections will be completed via a paper course card.”