Redhawks take to the mat against Coyotes and Bearcats


Michael Martin

Redhawk wrestlers cheer on their teammates from the sideline during a match. The boys’ and girls’ teams take on Heritage and Whitesboro on Thursday and compete in the Coyote Classic on Saturday.

Maddie Aronson, Managing Editor

It’s a busy couple of days of competition as the boys’ and girls’ wrestling teams face off with Heritage High School and Whitesboro High School Thursday at Frisco High School at 6:00 p.m., then head to Heritage Saturday for the Coyote Classic tournament with wrestling starting at 8:00 a.m.

“I feel like tonight it’s actually going to be a pretty good dual, we’re going to have some pretty serious competition, especially for women’s varsity,” head coach Cody Bridwell said. “I do think our ladies will do just fine as far as Heritage goes. For boys, I think we’re going to win decisively, if we come in and wrestle like we need to.” 

The Coyote Classic marks the team’s last tournament before the district meet, and is the athletes’ last chance to make changes before the most important competitions of their season. 

“This weekend is going to be a really tough tournament, just looking at the cast of characters and teams that are there,”  Bridwell said. “And there are so many kids in each bracket, it’s either going to be full or one person away from full, which makes it tougher competition, but the teams that are going are from all over the state, and there are some high ranking teams in there so it’s not going to be easy.” 

To get ready for the matches Thursday and Saturday, the team has been focusing on being in the best shape possible. 

“We’ve been working really hard in the mat room, a bunch of conditioning, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, was literally all conditioning,” senior Brandon Runge said. “We’re just trying to get our cardio up, and then working on our basics and mainly focusing on conditioning so we can last longer in our matches and just keep working harder.”