Red Rhythm says hello to competition season

Seoyeon Stephanie Chung, WTV Staff Reporter

Red Rhythm competition season is heating up as they start prepping for February’s contests with the first taking place Feb. 8.

This year, the dance team will have three different routines for the contests all centered around the 2020 theme: hometown heroes.

“The theme of this year’s contest is hometown heroes and we have three team contest routines that we are going to be competing this season,” dance director Nicole Nothe said. “We have a kick that is dedicated to our frisco firefighters and our pom routine is dedicated to fisd coaches and we have a military routine that is dedicated to veterans in general.

I think first coming up with the theme and an idea that we were wanting to choreograph the routines for inspires the choreography and music selection.”

Red Rhythm members are practicing their dance moves almost every day after school and in the mornings wherever they can find space.

“Red Rhythm is very time consuming during contest season,” junior Urja Joshi said. “During football season, practice schedule was really regular but for contest season, we always try to practice in the gym so we have to adjust our practice schedule. So whenever the gym is free, we are practicing then. That is just the thing with contest season. We need to be really fluid and adaptable to different times.”