Four years later, Green Day releases new album


With their debut album "Dookie" dropping in 1994, iconic rock band Green Day stays in the scene with their latest release, "Father of All."

Hailey Hughes, Guest Contributer

30 years after they played their first notes, Father of All, the 13th studio album from punk rock band Green Day hits the scene, bringing the band back after four years and no new releases. 

Spanning just 26 minutes, their newest album has various catchy tunes that’ll be stuck in your head for days. Listening to it hours on end also gets the music stuck in your head for days, but that’s besides the point.

Green Day’s music in Father Of All features more peppy, happy vibes, especially with  “Graffitia,” and “I Was A Teenage Teenager.” They’re both spectacular, upbeat, catchy, and enjoyable. 

The only downside to the album would have to be the number of songs. With only ten new tunes added to their repertoire, I was hoping for more new music from a band that I personally love. 

They’ve been producing music since 1986, and lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong is 47 years old so it wouldn’t be surprising if the band called it quits in the coming years.

If and when they do, they’ll go out with a bang because Father Of All is amazing. There’s enough variety in the nine songs that one can easily listen to it on repeat and not get bored.