Featured Athlete: Avery Jennings

Remi Williams, Staff Reporter

Wingspan: Who introduced you to soccer?

Jennings: “I grew up playing multiple sports but I wanted to play soccer because my sister did! I was always the best at soccer so I stuck with it.”

Wingspan: How do you feel when you step into the field?

Jennings: “Stepping on the field for me is always nerve racking but i feel like I play good under pressure so i never really let it get to me.”

Wingspan: What do you do before a match?

Jennings: “I am a very superstitious person so my actions before the game are very crucial to me! I do everything in the same order, down to the order of music I listen to! Usually before and during warm up is just me preparing my mind and body specifically for the game i’m about to play.”

Wingspan: Has soccer influenced your life in any way?

Jennings:“Soccer is hands down the most influential thing in my entire life! It has brought me to so many people, places, and feelings! It’s taught me leadership that I can use on and off the field, and I would not be anywhere near the same person without it.”

Wingspan: What does it feel like to win a match?

Jennings: “Winning a hard fought match brings confidence to the whole team that we carry over to the next match.”

Wingspan: Do you plan on playing soccer after high school?

Jennings: “ I am committed to play soccer at Lubbock Christian University.”

Wingspan: Can you tell us what it is like being on the soccer team?

Jennings: “Being on a team creates so many relationships that make every moment during the year memorable! I’ve played with most of the same girls since I was in elementary school and it seems like each year we get closer.”

Wingspan: Any advice for aspiring athletes?

Jennings: “Hard work and dedication are the key aspects that go into making a great team, and that goes for any sport for that matter! Determination and intensity are contagious on the field which makes the game so fun and interesting to play.”