Spring Show ahead, dance prepares its performances


Sarah Boutouis

Dance 1 students were tasked with the challenge of choreographing their own solo. However, students wish they were able to receive feedback from their peers.

Kanz Bitar, Staff Reporter

Spring Show preparation is underway as dance students practice their routines and choreography before their performances on April 24 and 25 in the auditorium. 

“Both Dance 3 and 4 are in the spring show and they will be doing two dances per class,” Dance 3 and 4 teacher Sarah Cadungug said. “But right now for both classes, they’ve just been starting to learn their first piece. Which were actually almost done with them learning their first dance. We’ve been taking it a little slow, they learn a little bit at a time and then they spend time in groups or on their own getting to work on it. But yeah, we’re almost done with the first one and hope to be done with it before spring break and then after spring break they’re gonna start learning their second piece.”

Dance 4 student, senior Hanna Turner is excited for her last spring show performance.

“I am excited about it,” Turner said. “I have two dances to learn so that’s fun but I am really sad that it’s my last year because I love dancing, getting on stage and performing even though I have a bit of stage fright.”

Although many students in the dance classes have performed in the show before, this year is senior Emma Rainey’s first experience.

“This will be my first spring show, I am very excited and feel bittersweet doing it as a senior,” Rainey said. “We have been preparing since winter Extravaganza and the routine is definitely a lot more difficult and detail oriented but I have great hope for the end result.