Starbucks, food, and music take over the cafeteria Friday

Vihaan Gupta

Ananda Ghoshal, Staff Reporter

Choir is hosting its annual Coffee House concert Friday at 7:00 p.m. in the cafeteria with students performing in both groups and as soloists in a different environment from where they normally perform.

“I think it’s a good opportunity for us to break up the spring season a little bit, do some fun music in the beginning and also showcase some of our individual students who have a lot of talents to share,” director Toni Ugolini said. “I think they’re excited to do something that’s a little bit different than a traditional concert where they have to wear their dresses and also get to do it in a little bit more informal setting.”

Friday’s show is a shift from singing strictly choral music to a different variety and style of music. 

“The great thing about Coffee House is that it’s also a chance for the choir to perform more contemporary music rather than the traditional choral music or our Spring Show songs,” Guidry said. “The event definitely gives choir lots of exposure for all of its talented singers. It’s also a great opportunity for choir students to socialize and show support for everyone performing.” 

Sophomore Nikita Dham is thankful to be able to display her talent of singing in a different way than what students normally sing in this fine art.

“It displays the variety of talent that we hold in Choir as well as showing our more relaxed and fun side,” Dham said. “I feel good about having this opportunity to perform and am thankful that I get the chance and excited to show my skills.”