Playing at Carnegie Hall nothing new for freshman

Dea-Mallika Divi, Guest Contributor

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Carnegie Hall is where some of the world’s musician’s greatest play. Some musicians spend their whole lives dreaming of Carnegie Hall, but freshman Lauren Kim has already performed there twice. A bassoonist since 6th grade, Kim performed at Carnegie Hall in 7th and 8th grade.

“Being able to perform at Carnegie Hall was ultimately just an unforgettable experience that expanded my passion for playing the bassoon,” Kim said. “I learned so much from the overall Honors Performance Series program, increasing my knowledge of music and what it means to be a musician and perform. I learned to perform from the heart and that every song/piece has a story.”

With Kim’s invitation to the Honors Performance Series, came a glimpse at the future.

“We were very honor to be invited to Carnegie Hall and we’ve made it a family vacation,” dad Jefferson Kim said. “It required planning about 6 months before the event. The experience gave Lauren motivation to leave home after she graduates from high school which she had never thought about before this. It also gave her confidence in anything she does and not just for the music. We also made an event to visit college near by in Ithaca, NY. This was also memorable since before visiting Cornell University, she didn’t know what it would be like.”  

David Dunham, the Fowler Middle School band director, nourished Lauren’s talent and interest in the bassoon.

It is an incredible honor for any student to be considered as one of the best in the nation at something,” Dunham said. “Lauren is incredibly talented and it is no surprise to me that she was selected to perform at Carnegie Hall. Most professional musicians can work their entire adult lives and not get to perform on that historic New York stage. I am very proud of Lauren, not just that she made it twice, but how she conducted herself while in New York- so mature and professional.

For brother J.T.,  Lauren is an inspiration when it comes to music.

“If it weren’t for Lauren I wouldn’t have known what Carnegie Hall was and where it was and how important it is,” brother Jefferson Kim said. “I kind of heard her at night and I couldn’t sleep, but you know, she is really good and I knew she would make.”

Performing on a national stage takes lots of practice, time, and skill.

You will not make the National Middle School Honor band if you don’t already sound like a high school or college musician,” Dunham said. “Lauren has an amazing sound and is a naturally gifted musician. ”

Though Lauren has had success playing classical music, she is a regular teenager when it comes to what she listens to when not practicing the bassoon.
“I like Beyonce,” Lauren said. “She has a voice that I can jam to.”