Spring break means college visits for some students


Provided by Rileigh Horcher

Senior Rileigh Horcher plans on attending the University of Oklahoma in the fall. Meanwhile, some students on campus are taking advantage of spring break for college visits.

Kanz Bitar, Staff Reporter

With spring break starting on Monday, many students on campus are using the break from school to visit colleges.

For junior Maleigha Cox, it’s a return to her roots. 

“I’m initially from Lubbock, so I’m excited to see the campus and the town again as a whole,” junior Maleigha Cox. “It’s a possibility that I’ll go there for nutritional science, so I want to see the campus and get a feel for how the social environment is. I think it will help me in making decisions about college, since I’ll be doing those applications next semester.”

Visiting Columbia and NYU, junior Emma Varela hopes to learn more about the schools. 

“I hope to get knowledge on what the campus looks like and what the college can offer me if I do decide to go to that college,” Varela said. “I’m definitely most excited to visit NYU mainly because the city is the campus and to me that’s just super cool.”

Having been through the process herself, senior Anya Khosla visited multiple schools to help her decide what school she wants to go to.

“The main reason I went on college visits was to get a feel of the college,” Khosla said. “And just envisioning myself at the campus and seeing whether I fit in or not. Though I have learned more about the schools itself I feel like I’ve mostly gotten the vibes from the colleges which really did influence me when I was applying to schools. There was one school one specific that I liked but then I fell in love with it when I visited it and I just really envisioned myself as part of that campus. But also there was a school that I was really interested in but when I visited it I didn’t feel like I would fit in as much.”