Working during COVID-19


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Redhawks who work outside of school have the chance to file W-2 forms. For many students, this is a first step into adulthood.

Remi Williams, Staff Reporter

Gov. Greg Abbott is shutting down dine-in services at all restaurants and bars throughout the state beginning Thursday at midnight until at least April 3 in response to the growing spread of COVID-19. This is on top of other shops, gyms, and schools that have already been closed. 

Despite this, some students are still going into work such as sophomore Chloe Campbell who works at Babe’s

“It’s a little scary having to work during corona,” Campbell said. “But it gives me a chance to get out of the house which I like.” 

Prior to Abbott’s closure of dine-in services, local restaurants such as Chick-fil-A had already started to see a decline in customers.

“We still have a lunch rush during the day but it has slowed down more than usual,” junior Macie Flemming said. “We also closed down the diner area so no one can eat inside.” 

With restaurants completely shutting their inside dining area, many are creating whole new systems to get food to customers. 

“In wake of our dining room closing, curbside delivery was set up today,” Chick-fil-A manager Levi Mrozinski said. “We have 11 parking spots on the main side for customers to pull in and place their order. The orders will pop up on the screen with a vehicle description and corresponding parking number, we need a designated bagger/runner.”

Along with new food delivery systems, restaurants are taking precautions. 

“Our precautions started with us having to wash our hands every 30 mins,” Flemming said. “We stopped putting our food on trays to our paper bags for our guest inside, if they ordered a kids meal we would ask beforehand if they wanted to switch to ice cream so we wouldn’t waste a kids toy, outside we have menus we hold and sometimes want a better look and ask to hold it we can’t do that anymore. And since it’s not as busy inside we basically clean literally everything because there is nothing to do.”