Baseball brings their game to Zoom

Walker Shippy

Walker Shippy, WTV Sports Producer

For most classes on campus, the transition to e-learning is a bit easier than others as information, lectures, and other things can be put online.

However, that’s not necessarily the case for athletics. Despite the season’s durability being questionable, the baseball team has been hosting meetings on Zoom to stay in touch.

“So normally everyone gets on, we’re waiting for everyone,” sophomore Rexford Shippy said. “Not everyone is there at the same time. But they’ll all get on and there will be like a greeting and we’ll talk a little bit.”

At least twice a week, baseball coaches Scott Mcgarrh and Michael Sepanek hold team meetings to discuss player health, and to collaborate on baseball-related topics.

The team takes the time to go through bunt coverages and plate approaches, as well as other sport related themes.

“And then afterwards coach Sepanek and Mcgarrh will have something planned,” Shippy said. “Maybe Coach Schiumo or Houston and we’ll have something that we have to talk about or do to discuss. They may have separate things and they may share their screen and show something to us.”

Although baseball is a major talking point, the bi-weekly meetings do a lot to keep the team together and connected.

“When we’re done with all that we’ll wrap it up and we’ll just talk about baseball and talk about life,” Shippy said. “Because it’s really more about, at this point in time, staying in touch with our teammates and still being in the loop about what is happening and if we’re going to play baseball again.”