Midseason pandemic leaves the track team unsure of the future


provided by Suzanne Ramirez

After a week of canceled school, athletes were forced to get creative with their workouts. Starting Monday, school has returned to a temporary online for all students, forcing athletes to adapt to new practices.

Amelia Jáuregui, Staff Reporter

For the majority of the track team, athletes have been practicing for competition season since school started in August, with some athletes using cross-country as a bridge to track, while others went straight into the off season. However, the season that was expected to go into the beginning of April, with post district qualifiers having the chance to continue into May, was shut down early due to COVID-19.

“I know it is not in my control, but COVID-19 definitely ruined the plans that I had to say the least,” senior Andrea Leyva-Montiel said. “I had all my times and goals set, and I was finally starting to lower my times. So, the timing of the virus was terrible. Also, all recruiting was put on hold. Even if recruiting opens up again, all athletes won’t be able to present the times that could have been achieved.”

Leyva-Montiel, had been in contact with coaches, looking to potentially continue her athletic career in college. While the pandemic has left some holes in the process, Leyva-Montiel has continued to do her part in working out.

“I personally love exercising alone,” Leyva-Montiel said. “I have always been extremely self driven, but not having my coach there makes a difference. Having that extra push during workouts and input is something I miss! Overall, I have just been creating my own workouts and I’ve modified them to whenever I have had to stay in the house. It definitely sucks that all gyms are closed, but there is always a way to accommodate!”

UIL hasn’t officially cancelled the entirety of season, but all activities are suspended until May 4. Along with Leyva-Montiel, senior Jahson Ferguson has been continuing to get in his reps with hopes of a returning season.

“I’ve been running on the track and doing the “eWorkouts” at home in order to maintain my strength, though it’s a little harder without competition,” Ferguson said. “I’m a little angry and frustrated because it feels like this is happening at the worst time. However I know I can only control what I can do and not this disease so I’m trying to keep a positive outlook and keep working hard.”