Frisco ISD cuts out major grades for fourth nine weeks


Amelia Jauregui

With campus closed until at least May 1, the eLearning platform will continue for another four weeks. These four weeks will not include any major grades, as assignments taken up as grades will only count as minor grades.

Thanmayi Bommu, Guest Contributor

All Frisco ISD schools are closed until at least May 1 as the coronavirus has been declared a pandemic.

The U.S. has the most reported cases of the coronavirus and is growing everyday with thousands of cases. 

“It is a hard time for everyone right now and everyone around the world is being affected by this,” freshman Sophie Janbolat said. “But everyone needs to try their best to keep social distancing which is the only thing we can do right now to help stop the spread of this virus.”

As the crisis continues and the fourth nine weeks grading period having started on March 23, teachers started assigning minor grades for some assignments. 

“Students tend to take assignments more seriously when they know it will be going in the grade book,” geometry teacher Simone Swain said.

Teachers are not allowed to assign major grades but can assign minor grades to important content and quizzes.

“Have a plan. After viewing the lesson plans for each class, create a schedule of what you are going to work on each day and for how long you will work on it would really help students,” Swain said. “Give yourself incentive to work and stick to it. For example, tell yourself that if you work for an hour, you can take a 15 minute break before working for another hour.”