Social distancing advised to all, not practiced by some


Emily Vetvick

The cafeteria is often a place where students congregate during advisory, but due to school closures, it will remain empty until at least May 1. Students have been advised by the local, state, and federal government to practice social distancing during this time, but some have disregarded this advice to hang out with friends.

Athena Tseng, Guest Contributor

Social distancing is being advised by virtually every local, state, and national government due to the spread COVID-19. And while some people are taking this to extremes, others are taking it lightly by making plans with others. 

“I hung out with only three other people because none of us were really going out and seeing anyone,” freshman Krithi Prasad said. “So we figured it would be safe for the four of us to hang out since we weren’t really exposed to other people.”

Some students think that the virus shouldn’t be blown out of proportions and have hung out. 

“I think the coronavirus is a bit overrated because it doesn’t really affect us, students,” freshman Amish Bhatnagar said. “Because of that, I think it’s okay if we hang out with our friends.”

Others think smaller groups are safer and should be allowed to hang out. 

“I personally don’t think that hanging out with others is a big deal especially for smaller groups of friends,” sophomore Jason Cranfill said. “I hung out with a few people recently and it wasn’t a big deal and didn’t affect anyone”

However, as the United States has become the world’s leader in the number of COVID-19 Prasad has changed her opinion on spending time with friends.  

“As of now, I’m not hanging out with anyone because the situation is getting more serious and I don’t want to risk my health,” Prasad said. “I think right now people should stay at home and only go out to get groceries and try to find ways to entertain themselves.”