Student Body President candidates take their campaigns online


provided by Franny Trezza and Tyler Brown

COVID-19 has closed schools, however the student body is able to vote for the Student Body President of the 2020 through 2021 school year. On the left is rising senior Franny Trezza, followed by rising senior Tyler Brown on the right.

Amelia Jáuregui, Staff Reporter

The annual election for Student Body President is taking form much differently this year, as the unexpected halt to the school year has left the student body completing their workload online. Candidates Tyler Brown and Franny Trezza have been campaigning via social media in order to be the choice of students with voting now open until Tuesday.

“Running for class president is incredibly exciting,” Brown said. “I enjoy being able to interact in this way and it is amazing seeing all the people in support of me. I took many challenging courses and had 150 hours of community service during this year  alone, so I know what hard work is. I also started my own club this year, so I have strong leadership experience. I feel I would be able to translate my skills into student council, so that our students can have an amazing year.”

“It is so exciting to be able to run for this position. I have been working towards this for so long and it feels amazing that I have gotten this far,” Trezza said. “Liberty is so dear to me and I truly want what is best for my peers.  My passion for this school makes me the best candidate for this position, as well as my extensive experience. I have been elected as President, Vice President, and Parliamentarian of my National Charity League class and was a Key Club officer last year and am excited to be one again this year!”

In addition to the qualifications of the two candidates, both individuals have goals in mind when it comes to bettering the atmosphere on campus for next year. 

“I want to increase community engagement,” Brown said. “Students should have an outlet for us to hear their voices so everybody can have a voice in the events next year. I want to work hard next year, not just so we can get things done, but so we can have fun with those finishing touches to make it a really amazing event.”

“This year, I hope to help every member of the student body feel as welcome as I do at Liberty,” Trezza said. “This can be done through social events at school that appeal to everyone! Especially with our uncertain future, it is so important to unite our school so we can continue to thrive at Liberty!”