Baseball hosts senior night via zoom


Emily Vetvick

Normally, baseball senior night is hosted at one of their games. However, since the closure of schools due to COVID-19, coaches held the event via zoom.

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-chief

One of the many events that COVID-19 has impacted is the Redhawk Senior Baseball Night. What was normally a recognition on the field during one of their games transformed to a Virtual Senior Night on zoom on Friday.

For senior Kyle McCord, the night was filled with many emotions.

“I liked it because it still recognized us and was a nice way to end the season,” McCord said via text. “But it was also sad because I didn’t get to be with teammates.”

Despite not being what he had anticipated, senior Jackson Hawk still felt like it provided closure.

“The senior night was fun looking back and listening to memories and the coaches,” Hawk said via text. “It was the best they could do to end the season and yes I miss the season but it was the best wrap I could have given the circumstances. The effort from the coaching staff has been tremendous even without the season involving as many players as they can and helping us grow as people without playing.”

The seniors were thankful for the effort and the portion of their season they were able to play.

“The senior night on Facebook live was more well executed than I expected,” senior Walker Shippy said via text. “Although it wasn’t anywhere close to an in-person senior night in terms of experience, it was a special event for what the coaches had to work with. I appreciate the commitment to our senior class that Coach McGarrah and Coach Sep have. And I am thankful for all of my teammates who made the portion of the season that we did have very enjoyable.”