Choir continues stay-at-home singing


Kia Dunlop

Choir performs at their last UIL concert back in 2019.

Ananda Ghoshal, Staff Reporter

With COVID-19 closing campus for the remainder of the school year, choir events such as UIL and the Spring Show have been cancelled. However, this does not stop the program from staying connected and musical.

“One of things we are doing in choir to stay connected is by doing a Netflix party! We all stayed up one evening watching Spy Kids and chatting with each other,” choir Vice President, senior Kennedy Williams said. “Not only that, but we are also all still practicing all of our pieces that we would have during class time, we just are not performing them.”

With assignments and materials posted to keep the students accountable for their practice sessions, students such as choir Secretary Megan Guidry say that the easy accessibility and tools help to keep them focused on bettering their skills as vocalists.

“The assignments on Google Classroom sometimes involve practicing our UIL or Spring Show music, which means that I still am getting to sing some of our choir songs fairly often,” Guidry said. ”We also have sight-singing assignments and practice materials from time to time, which helps me stay sharp on reading music during quarantine.”

Also missing out on the Scarborough Renaissance Festival, students are finding ways to showcase what they have learned throughout the year. Recently, with a virtual choir with the varsity ladies singing Dominus Vobiscum.

“We’ve done a few things to try and stick together during quarantine. Ms. Ugolini put together a virtual choir for one of the mixed women’s UIL pieces,” sophomore Nikita Dham said. “It was awesome to hear what we all sounded like together again.”