Book-take out lets virtual students check out library books

Kirthi Gummadi

Kirthi Gummadi, WTV Staff Reporter

Students now have the opportunity to check out up to five fiction and ten graphic novels from the library by filling out the book takeout form. Books can be picked up and returned in the foyer every Wednesday and Friday from 2-3 p.m. 

“Book take-out is something that us librarians, over the summer, we decided that we kinda wanted to offer for our students who were doing virtual academy,” librarian Chelsea Hamilton said. “So being home for three weeks, being delayed for three weeks, this is the perfect time to roll it out. So the way that this is going to work is you look through the catalog and you decide however many books that you want, fill out the form and then come pick them up. I will send out an email once I’ve received your order and it’s ready for pickup. ”

In addition to reading for fun, access to books can also help students with their classes. 

“We felt like we needed to offer something like this for our virtual academy students,” Hamilton said. “We didn’t want to leave potentially half of our student population at a disadvantage, not only just for reading for fun, but for reading for english classes, for history classes, doing research, sometimes you need an actual book checked out from the library to do that research. And so we want to offer this, just as if you were in school, in person, in the actual building. You still need the same resources that students need either way, so we didn’t want to leave anybody out. We wanted to make sure that all of our students had the materials they needed for any class, or just for fun. We also have, I’m working on purchasing more and more ebooks through the catalog, so you can access all your ebooks and audiobooks through Sora but you can also, if you look in the catalog and it says it’s an ebook that opens it up in MackinVia, so there are two different avenues you can get your ebooks. So I’m working on accumulating more of those if you are one of the ebook lovers.”    

To order a book for pickup, go to