Orchestra celebrates Bach to school bash virtually


Maddie Aronson

With this year’s TMEA All-State Convention cancelled, a socially distanced picnic is planned Monday at 7 p.m. for the orchestra students that made All-State. “I’m excited that we all get to be together and see each other in person! It’s been so isolating this year, so when we get a chance to talk and hang out safely, I look forward to it,” junior Julia Johnson said. “Ms. Blackstock and Ms. Lien are extremely considerate and thoughtful to help put this together for everyone.”

Hannah Beeler, Staff Reporter

Orchestra hopes to be making some new memories from the comfort of home on Friday at the annual Bach to School Bash, the first one to be held virtually.

“The Bach to School Bash would usually be held at Russell Creek Park or at school, but this year it is happening over Zoom,” assistant director of orchestras Victoria Lien said via email. “We have had to adjust our traditional activities like the snowball fight and tug of war, to online games. We’ll do some breakout rooms, get to know each other, and play some trivia and Family Feud games.”

There are some challenges that come with having this year’s event online, but sophomore Akash Pradeep believes there are a few benefits as well.

“Challenges that might pop up with having the social online include not being able to enjoy games and activities to their full extent and not being able to completely make new relationships with people,” Pradeep said via email. “However there are a few positives. One example is lower costs needed to run the social since food fees and equipment fees are not needed.”

For many orchestra members it is important to continue to find ways to have socials despite not being able to do them in person.

“I believe that these socials are more important than ever,” orchestra vice president senior Keya Jain said via email. “The sense of musical unity is already lost a bit through virtual learning because factors like the lag on video calls make it nearly impossible to rehearse properly as a group. Additionally, most competitions and performances are currently canceled. In order to properly maintain our orchestra community we need to be able to do fun things together, talk with each other, and just spend time together however we can.”