Increased disinfection throughout athletic facilities


Michael Martin

Disinfection increases throughout the athletic facilities by sanitizing weights, added hand sanitizer stations, and cleaning fog. Coaches think this is enough while some players are worried about what happens once players leave campus.

Remi Williams, Sports Editor

With every sport on campus participating in in-person practices, coaches are doing everything they can to help their players be able to have a season.

“We have installed hand sanitizing stations all over the athletic facilities and insist on their use,” campus athletic coordinator Matt Swinnea said. “When indoors, we have tape on the floors to indicate 6-feet and utilize cones outdoors for the same purpose. We limit the capacity of enclosed spaces. We do not have shared water sources. We plan on continuing to have athletes bring their own water containers and then provide a touch-free opportunity to refill when necessary.”

Besides disinfecting fog being used between workout sessions, common areas for athletes, like the fieldhouse and weightroom, are being treated regularly to avoid contaminating players.

“We have been implementing consistent sanitization protocols ever since we started strength and conditioning in the summer,” Swinnea said.  “We have a basic rule of, ‘if it gets touched, it gets cleaned’. With weight equipment, every station is sprayed with disinfectant and wiped down between use.  We clean all balls and equipment that are used, whether that was inside or out.

Girls’ assistant soccer coach Kyle Beggs thinks these procedures are enough.

I believe Frisco ISD is doing the absolute best we can with keeping our students, staff, and families safe,” Beggs said. “Every decision being made is made with safety as the first thought.” 

For junior volleyball player Tanner Handson, the precautions and procedures in place are enough.  

“I think the athletic department is doing everything they can to keep our equipment clean,” Handson said. “I don’t think there’s anything more that they can do to clean the equipment other than cleaning it more frequently. Everything is being cleaned the best that it can be to ensure the safety of Liberty athletes and the eligibility for us to play this season.”

But while most players agree with the guidelines for practice, some such as soccer player, senior Luke Berry, are worried about what happens when athletes leave campus.

“I think they’re doing everything in their ability to maintain six feet and mask wearing and doing all they can,” Berry said. “It’s just when we leave school we are free to roam and don’t have to follow the rules so I think making sure we take temperatures before practice starts [players currently only take temperatures on the first day of the week]  and make sure no one that has it come to practice with it, we will be fine.”