Red Rhythm and Cheer introduce virtual pep rallies


screenshot from virtual pep rally video

Red Rhythm and Cheer continue the tradition of having pep rallies through an online format. Despite the circumstances, the students strive to bring school spirit and celebrate all of the fall sports organizations through the video.

Shreyas Viswanathan, Staff Reporter

With guidelines to restrict large gatherings put in place by the UIL, and as recommended by the Center for Disease Control, school pep rallies are temporarily switching to a completely virtual environment with Friday’s being the first one of the year.

“This decision was made because we would not be able to social distance in the gym with our numbers and cheer and drill would not be able to social distance,” Student Council president Franny Trezza said. “It was a decision made to ensure the safety of our staff and students.”

However, there will still be performances from various groups with Red Rhythm director Nicole Nothe saying her students will put on a good show despite the current circumstances.

“I am confident that the spirit groups will be able to create a virtual experience for the students that will bring school spirit and celebrate all of the fall sports organizations,” Nothe said via email. “I do not feel there are any challenges, it is a new experience for them and a great solution to help show school spirit during a pandemic.”

According to Red Rhythm’s Gabby Stiles, the opportunity to perform is not something that they’re taking for granted.

“I feel that it is a safe and innovative idea that allows us to perform while being safe so we can still do what we love with the people we love,” Stiles said. “It allows our organizations to perform and spread school spirit. Even though corona makes things super different, it brings a sense of normality in celebrating the start of the year and football season.”

The challenges that have come along as part of performing virtually have varsity cheer having to change things as well. 

“A lot of the things we do require us to be close together and with COVID that’s made our dynamic very different,” cheer co-captain Gabby Mitchell said. “Getting routines made and performing them has been a big concern for a lot of the girls on the team but the biggest concern was how to go about stunting. We hadn’t been able to since the end of the previous season and we plan to start next week, but because of COVID, we have new policies and rules to go by.”