Unwarranted Opinions: the attentiveness of an elocutionist


Morgan Kong

In her weekly column “UnWarranted Opinions,” staff reporter Drew Julao takes on a variety of topics and gives her take.

Drew Adrian Julao, Staff Reporter

In the world we live in today, many people believe that others get offended way too easily, and I agree, but under more casual circumstances. The kind of humour I have makes fun of everything and I love it when my friends and I can joke around with each other without getting hurt.

Now, this is not to say you should take every joking roast that your friend hurls at you no matter what. If your friend says something that hurts you, tell them. All in all, it all boils down to communication or rather, the lack thereof.

No one is able to interpret your thoughts or feelings better than you. Speak your mind and tell people things because that is how we form relationships that matter whether they are between friends, family, strangers, or lovers.

I have met so many people who are so afraid to say things of substance because they think that their views or opinions or the things they like will make others not like them, but if you never have opinions, views, or likes, how are you going to find people like you?

I find that people are like mirrors. What you give them is what you will get back. If you are open and kind you will, most likely, get back openness and kindness. If you are rude and demanding, you will garner other negative emotions. So, if you are communicative, others will be able to communicate with you as well, even if it takes time.

I think in order to be a good listener, you must first be a good speaker. Be able to express yourself because then you will have the perfect balance and you will be able to make people want you to listen to them. The skill of elocution is the greatest for listening because if you are a good speaker then you know when to speak and when not to.

Communication is the backbone of our society, yet everyone has a hard time talking about what they really want to and that really bothers me. Just speak your mind! Share your thoughts! The world will be a lighter place to you. The same goes for listening to others.To listen is to observe and a lot can be learned from observation and communication, so push yourself because no great lives are lived in total comfort.