Unwarranted Opinions: the worst comes before the best


Morgan Kong

In her weekly column “UnWarranted Opinions,” staff reporter Drew Julao takes on a variety of topics and gives her take.

Drew Adrian Julao, Staff Reporter

I can’t sleep. 

My brain will never let me just rest. 

I could lie down for hours and not feel an inch of sleep creeping up on me, and sometimes, when I close my eyes, the worst days of my life dance in tiny whispers of memories in my mind. 

One thought never fails to cross my mind. So much time seems to have gone by since then, and I can’t believe that I made it through those days. Which brings me to my point, the day after the worst is the best because you survived.

Relief is among one of the best feelings in the world. 

The wave that overcomes not only your mind, but your body is inexplicable to someone who has never felt it. When you’ve just been at your lowest point, the moment when you think that all you can do is nothing, and then you wake up on a new day. My first thought is always “I’m still here.”

That single thought, the feeling of achievement I get is what helps me push forward when terrible things happen. So, maybe, your family won’t stop fighting, or you’ve failed a test, or you are fighting with all of your friends, or someone you really love has just passed away, whatever it is, just remember that you are alive and you control yourself, and again, you are alive!!

We are cognitive creatures with an awareness that allows us to do whatever we desire.

So, when you are sad, go dance to some fun music. Swing in a park and lay back to watch the sky. I can’t tell you that everything will be better later on because no one knows that. We just need to take everything one step at a time and romanticize the tiny moments in life that we get. 

Personally, I romanticize motion. Whether I’m in a car, on a swing, walking in a park, or riding a bike, I like to listen to music and just take in the life around me. I love the feeling that movement gives me. I get a high on spinning around and jumping and dancing. It feels like everything slows down, and when I really focus, I just exist and I am obligated to do nothing more than be.

I escape myself in that moment and feel free.

Then, I return to my normal life, and feel content with myself because I survived and I keep on surviving.