Students celebrate Thanksgiving differently amid pandemic


This year’s Food Science project requires students to take a vintage approach to recipe making and baking.

Athena Tseng, Staff Reporter

The typical Thanksgiving consists of family, friends, and food. But because of the spike in cases in the United States especially in Texas, being with family and friends may be more difficult this year. 

“Due to COVID, I can’t hang out with my friends and host a “Friendsgiving” type dinner,” freshman Maya Silberman. “We also aren’t able to hang out in a group over the break like we usually do because we’re trying our best to stay safe.”

While friends are not hanging out this thanksgiving, some families are still celebrating Thanksgiving together.

“For Thanksgiving, I am actually visiting both sets of my grandparents, because we haven’t seen each other for a long time,” sophomore Jordan Battey. “Since they are pretty old and more susceptible to corona, I have had to limit my social activities in the past two weeks to reduce the possibility of getting them sick. I’m trying to be very responsible with who I see and what I do.”

Plans have already been changed and canceled for junior Marco Figueroa.

“This Thanksgiving break I will be in quarantine because I just so happen to have coronavirus,” Figueroa said. “I was originally planning on going to Chicago, but now I have to stay at home and self isolate to not give anyone COVID. I just plan on being alone in my room to not infect anyone, and I also will be wearing a mask and washing my hands to keep the rest of my family safe.”

Although this year is unlike other Thanksgivings, the Silberman family is hoping to make the most of their time together.

“For Thanksgiving, my family and I are having a Thanksgiving meal and then binge-watching all of the Harry Potter movies together,” Silberman said. “To stay safe during Thanksgiving break and the holidays, my family changed our vacation plans to somewhere secluded with extremely limited interaction with others. We also are making sure to maintain social distancing when we gift shop and sanitize everything we buy for others.”