Spanish 3 students tackle interviews in two languages


The CDC has changed guidelines for quarantine after students test positive for COVID-19. Students in contact tracing can now come back to school quicker than before.

Hannah Beeler, Staff Reporter

Spanish 3 students are preparing for life outside the classroom as they conduct live Spanish speaking job interviews for their final assignment of the 2020 year starting Thursday. 

“This unit for Level 3 is called factors that impact the quality of life,” Spanish 3 teacher Ashli Taquino said via email. “It covers education, future careers and lifestyles. I have decided to focus on career choices and preparing for that dream job, culminating in a formal interview! The purpose of the unit is for students to see what sort of preparation is needed for their desired career and to help prepare students to be able to participate in a formal interview”

Students have researched skills, qualifications, and experience needed for a career of their choice to help them answer various interview questions.

“In class we have been practicing with a lot of interview questions,” sophomore Natalie Wilson said via text. “Our teacher has been having us talk to our peers and ask common interview questions to simulate the interview. Personally I have been working on being able to create a variety of responses to the question so no matter what I have options for my responses.”

The classes have also learned about proper interview etiquette and attire.  

“Some challenges I will face are coming up with answers for the interview questions because answering these kinds of questions about future careers is hard on its own, but trying to use words we know in Spanish makes it more challenging,” sophomore Manal Nasir said via text. “However something that is nice is the practices we do in class because they are not for a grade and help us add to our responses.”

For many students, including sophomore Ayo Alotu, the interview will be beneficial practice for the future.

“I look forward to the interview because we’ve been practicing for it for a while and I enjoy the idea of taking a test in a more unique format,” Alotu said via text. “I also think the interview will be helpful in the real world because we’re learning about a bunch of things that we will eventually need when we want to get a job.”