Club seeks to raise mental health awareness through art


A new club has set foot on campus that encourages members to express themselves through art in an effort to aid those that struggle with mental health.

Erika Pernis, Staff Reporter

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on some people’s mental health, so sophomore Jayna Yoon decided to start The Expressions Project, a club and therapeutic environment that encourages members to embrace all aspects of their mental well-being and remediate and express themselves through art and service.

“I decided to create this club because I felt like mental health was a bit overlooked at Liberty,” founder sophomore Jayna Yoon said. “The goal is to raise awareness for mental health and create a supportive environment where students can relax and talk about mental health.”

For directors of the project junior Sarah Boutouis and sophomore Shannon Christian, the idea of a community that valued self-expression through art was very compelling.

“I decided to join and be a part of The Expressions Project because I love and enjoy expressing my emotions into my art,” Boutouis said. “After hearing about a club similar to my interests and art style, I was ecstatic. I love leading others when it comes to art and creating bonds through artistic forms, which is why I applied as Artistic Director.”

“I decided to be a part of The Expressions Project because I am very interested in both the topics of art and psychology and I recognized that it would be a very cerebral and welcoming community to be involved with,” Christian said. “Mental health is such a large part of our lives, and with more knowledge being uncovered about our brains and how we function, more awareness is being spread about mental wellness.”

The project strives to prioritize mental health by holding monthly guided art sessions usually the third week of every month where students can come and create art in a safe community where mental health is valued especially during these times of unpredictability.

“During an uncertain time like this in the world, many students are stuck at home unable to cope mentally,” Boutouis said. “Through The Expressions Project, we try to create relaxed and stress-free environments where all students feel welcomed and can express their inner emotions through various mediums of art.”