Split results as the Redhawks battled the Knights on the field


Troy Williams

As district play inches closer, Redhawks soccer will compete in the Denison tournament as preparation for district play. “We can try out various things to prepare ourselves for the season,” junior Lucas Godoy said.

Remi Williams, Sports Editor

Freezing weather wasn’t enough to keep the boys’ soccer team from heating up the field as they beat the Independence Knights Tuesday night in a District 9-5A home game 2-0. 

“We moved the ball really well and defended the counter attacks to win the ball back quickly,” senior Jonathan Siv. 

The boys’ team now has extra time to practice, as they don’t have another game until Tuesday against Lebanon Trail

“We really wanna spend this time working on 1v1 and defensive things more,” Siv said. “We have a week off so we want to use it to rest but also to get better.”

It was a different story for the girls’ team as the Knights kept them in a deep chill as they shutout the Redhawks 2-0.

“Defense did well on communication and making sure to cover for one another,” senior Sydney Andros said. “Our goalie made amazing saves and helped the game immensely. Our offense did good on making runs and creating options as outlet passes.”

The girls team also has a bye week, and hoping to use this time off to work on their own skills. 

“We need to work on keeping our heads up and playing hard even when the scoreboard is against us,” Andros said