Girls out-lifted the completion, while the boys wait for their results


Michael Martin

Preparing for the final meet of their 2022 season, powerlifting begins preparations for their final regular season meet. With junior Preston Mealy spotting his partner, the team is back in full force after a snow and ice delay.

Remi Williams, Sports Editor

The girls’ powerlifting team finished first in their meet, scoring 57 to 12 points at Reedy High School, against , Centennial, Lebanon Trail, and Independence

The girls had six first place winners and three placed second individually in their weight class to lead the team to first place.

“Last night we kind of used it as an experimental night,” senior Franny Trezza. “We wanted to get lost of failures so we could figure out where we need to be to get the highest possibles.”

On the boys’ side, the team won’t know the official results until after the weekend, however they had several top finishers. 

“Last night we got the opportunity to lift a lot of younger guys,” senior Ben Anderson. “So getting those guys experience for the future years was great. On top of that we had many of our top lifters increase their totals further solidifying their spots in the district and getting them closer to compete at the regional meet.”