Acoustic Avenues: Kendrick Lamar album review


Morgan Kong

Sophomore Ana Toro takes a dive into the world of music.

Ana Toro, Staff Reporter

Storytelling through music is difficult. It is especially difficult in hip hop due to the high standards people have for the genre. There are very few rappers today who are good at storytelling in their lyrics. good kid, m.A.A.d city is an example of the difficulty of storytelling in hip hop because it is done so beautifully. Kendrick Lamar is an incredible artist with so many talents and his lyrical ability is rare.

This album is a complete 10/10 not only because of its lyrical value but also because of its production and delivery. Kendrick Lamar uses beats on this album that just make sense and fit well with the lyrics.

My top three from this album are constantly changing but right now they would have to be “Money Trees” featuring Jay Rock, “m.A.A.d city” featuring MC Eiht, and “Swimming Pools (Drank).” I love these three in particular because of their production style and their lyrical significance. Each one fits into the story of Kendrick Lamar somehow and they take on different angles and perspectives. Not to mention that they are just great to sit and vibe to.

The beauty of Kendrick’s music is that it’s always different. There are a lot of artists who sing or rap about the same thing all the time and it gets really repetitive, but not Kendrick. It’s always something new and that is why he has been so successful. His music can be so poetic and deep and sometimes it can be simple mind-numbing stupidity (in a good way).

This album is definitely one of my favorites of all time and I will never stop listening to it. I know that if and when Kendrick drops new music, it is going to be incredible. People are frustrated he hasn’t dropped anything in a while, and I understand, but you can’t rush perfection.