Powerlifters hope to prosper at regional meet


Michael Martin

Lifting the way through their season, Redhawk powerlifting is gearing up for their District meet. The Redhawks are set to take the floor on Thursday.

Remi Williams, Sports Editor

Hoping to lift more than ever before, the Redhawk powerlifting team is competing in the regional meet Thursday at Prosper High School.

But getting to this point required some different training methods.

Due to the snow storm Feb. 15-19 and Frisco ISD schools being closed the following week, athletes had to get creative on how they trained.

“I’ve gone to the Frisco Athletic Center to do my powerlifting workouts,” senior Sue Slater said. “Since we’re not allowed to do them in the school weight room, Coach Gonzo sent us the workouts to do for each day. They’re the same as if we were to lift at school.”

The team didn’t let the storm stop them from staying in the mindset. 

“We’ve done two Zooms this week to talk about the end of the powerlifting season,” Slater said. “And what’s to come for us that are going to regionals.”