Improvement the goal at Thursday’s track meet


Roy Nitzan

As the track season continues, the team looks to improve each in their individual events.

Remi Williams, Sports Editor

The Redhawk track and field teams finished in the top six at their first meet and on Thursday, and they will try to improve as they compete in their second meet of the year at Memorial Stadium.

“To better my chances I have been practicing every day,” senior discus thrower Prince Ugho said. “I have also been working on my form and technique to get better.”

Both track and field athletes have been pushing themselves this week, with the goal to perform better than last time. 

“I am hoping to PR in all of my events,” senior and sprinter Nae Rogers said.  “And performing to the best of my ability from myself and my team. I have been showing up ready to work every practice and giving it my all.”