Back in the playoffs, boys’ soccer team hungry for a win


Emily Vetvick

Qualifying for the playoffs for the first time in four years, the boys’ soccer team hopes to celebrate another win tonight as they take on The Colony in the opening round of the playoffs. Thursday’s game is at Hebron High School, and is scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m.

Remi Williams, Sports Editor

The boys’ soccer team starts their first playoff run in four years Thursday at 7:15 p.m. when the Redhawks travel to Hebron High School to take on The Colony in the opening round of the playoffs. 

Playing in what is considered one of the toughest soccer districts in the state, simply making the playoffs can be a challenge. 

“Especially coming out of our district which is ridiculously difficult,” head coach Fred Kaiser said. “Our 10th place team in our district beat the district champion and the third place team, that’s something we didn’t do, we lost both games against both of those teams, they were close games, but at the same time it just shows you how equal it is in our district where you’re fighting every game.”

Missing out on the playoffs for three straight years, Kaiser is happy for this year’s squad to taste some success. 

“I felt bad for the players the last few years because it’s hard on the psyche to know when you are a good team, and good players, but not seeing the results,” Kaiser said. “So it’s nice for them to be able to experience their success.”

Making the playoffs this year could be the start of a trend as the Redhawks are loaded with juniors who gained valuable experience as sophomores playing on the varsity level. 

“At points in last year’s games we would have seven or eight sophomores starting,” Kaiser said. “Last year we really felt getting some of the younger players on the field and getting them the varsity game experience, we were looking for the experience aspect of it more than the result aspect of it.”

This year, the results were there and they continued on Monday when the team played a scrimmage against Celina High School

“We’re going in confident since we are coming off a win,” senior Andy Wolfe said. “Our mindset is to focus on playing our game.”

Having missed out on the playoffs for several years in a row, the team isn’t satisfied with just being in the postseason, the team’s main goal is to come out on top.

“We are hungry for a win,” senior Johnathon Siv said. “And are ready to work hard. We want nothing less than a win.”