Taking the first step towards state, district track meet starts Wednesday


Matt Wixon/Frisco ISD used with permission

After a two day track meet, the Redhawks will be sending 6 events to state. The state meet is scheduled for May 5th.

Remi Williams, Sports Editor

The Redhawks are back on the starting blocks, but Wednesday and Thursday the athletes are racing for the District 9-5A championship at Memorial Stadium

“I am planning on improving by just focusing on running hard and doing good in my jumps,” junior Jada Williams said. “I have really been working hard on perfecting everything that way we are ready to go.”

Practices have been focused on perfecting their event.

“We’ve just been hyper focused on our form,” senior Sue Slater said. “By breaking down our movements in practice, we’re able to perfect our throws so none of our errors root from form. Because we’re focusing on form, our practices are lighter. Less throws per practice is keeping us rested and making sure to just take care of ourselves the rest of the time.”

With the meet lasting two days, many of the Redhawks are focusing on their recovery leading up to their competitions. 

“I have been going to the trainer and doing recovery for my legs,” Williams said. “I have been making sure I drink a lot of water, eat well, and just get plenty of sleep.”