Boy’s place first while girls finish in 6th in District track



After a two day long track meet the boys take home first place and the girls finished in sixth in the District 9-5A meet. Collectively both boys and girls had more than fifteen top three finishers.

Remi Williams, Sports Editor

The boys’ track team ran away with the District 9-5A championship at Memorial Stadium finishing more than 100 points in front of Memorial High School, while the girls’ team finished in 6th place.

Helping the boys clinch the championship was the dominance of the 4×100, 4×200, and 4×400 relays teams which all finished in first.

“During a race my mind sort of goes blank,” senior Will Ashmore said, “I just get so focused on running and trying to do my very best that I don’t think about anything else.”

Racing in the 4×100 and 4×200, Ashmore does everything he can to avoid getting tried.

“Our coaches give us warmup cards that have a list of warmups to do not only before our races but in between to stay warm and avoid tired legs, so I make sure to stretch and to stay active,” Ashmore said.

With the relays advancing to the area meet on April 14, Ashmore doesn’t plan on slowing down.

“Our expectation has always been to win state, so it’s just another part of our ultimate goals,” Ashmore said.

Top Finishers

100 M: Evan Stewart (2nd)

200 M: Evan Stewart (1st)

400M: Bryson Wyatt (1st)

400 M: Preston Urbine (3rd)

800 M: Bryson Wyatt (3rd)

4×100: Will Ashmore, Evan Stewart, Chris Johnson, Cameron Wooley (1st)

4×200: Will Ashmore, Jonathan Bone, Evan Hill, Cameron Wooley (1st)

4×400: Jossiah Lewis, Bryson Wyatt, Preston Urbine, Kendal Wooley (1st)

Shot Put: Chika Ugho- (2nd)

Discus: Prince Ugho- (1st)

Discus: Ryan Stulting- (2nd)

High Jump: Connor Hulstein- (2nd)

Long Jump: Evan Stweart- (1st)

Triple Jump: Evan Stweart- (1st)

4×100: Sydney Smoak, Jada Williams, Ivana Odonkor, Sydney Bishop (3rd)

4×200: Isabella Copeland, Cori Ross, Tyha Morgan, Sydney Bishop (2nd)

4×400: Grace Jayii, Cori Ross, Tyah Morgan, Ivana Odonkor (2nd)