First place Redhawks travel to Heritage


Michael Martin

The baseball team extended their winning streak to eight games over the weekend. The team next takes on the Coyotes in the road on Tuesday at 7:15.

Remi Williams, Sports Editor

Turning their five game winning streak into a seven game winning streak, the Redhawk baseball moved into first place in District 9-5A over the weekend after beating the Lebanon Trail Blazers 3-1 on Friday, and taking down the Centennial Titans 6-3 on Saturday.

“Playing a double header is always more difficult than playing a Tuesday-Friday type of week just because back to back is hard,” junior Cade McGarrh said. “Playing Friday night and then waking up to play Saturday afternoon is a challenge but the team handled it very well. As a team we stayed within ourselves, we played our game to the best of our abilities and executed very well.”

The team is back on the field at 7 :00 p.m. Tuesday as they travel to Heritage High School, who currently sits in fifth place.

“We are hoping to continue our win streak,” McGarrh said. “We are planning to continue playing our game. Playing hard, aggressive and to the best of our ability. To continue to work hard day in and day out.” 

With this being the Redhawk’s third game in five days, the team is stressing the importance of good recovery on their time off.

“To prevent fatigue and tiredness we stress eating right and getting good sleep,” McGarrh said. “We are stressing in practice to continue doing the little things that can separate us from the rest of the teams we play.”