State on the line for Redhawks wrestlers


Five Redhawks hope to qualify for the UIL 5A State meet.

Remi Williams, Sports Editor

Heading into the area wrestling meet Friday and Saturday, five Redhawks will hit the mat to try to qualify for the UIL 5A State meet.

“When I compete, there’s really a lot and not much that goes on in my mind,” senior Stephanie Qiu said. “I’m nervous– nervous that I’m going to mess up a move or a roll and put myself on my back, but at the same time, those nerves keep me focused and on my feet.”

Adding to the list of things going on in Qiu’s mind, is pressure.

“I do feel pressure knowing how intense the wrestling culture is,” Qiu said. “But the pressure doesn’t come from my coaches, team mates or opponents. It comes from myself. I have put in so much work into getting where I am, that I want to prove to myself that I’m tough enough, or capable enough. I feel pressure to not let all of my hard work go to waste.”

With nerves before every match, and pressure to place, Qiu has found ways to calm her mind.

“Before every match, I always remind myself of how far I’ve come, all the hours, time, and energy spent wrestling, conditioning, cutting weight,” Qiu said. “That always keeps my head straight.”