Lone Redhawks finishes fourth in state


Being the only Redhawk to advance to State in Wrestling senior Stephanie Qiu finished in fourth. Although this was her last dual as a high school athlete, she plans on continuing to find ways to involve wrestling in her life.

Remi Williams, Sports Editor

Senior Stephanie Qiu, was the lone Redhawk at the State Championship at the Berry Center over the weekend.

Although she competed alone she ended the dual fourth in the state in the 110 pound weight class.

“I feel proud of myself to make the top 4.” Stephanie Qiu said. “But at the same time I feel like I could’ve done better. My bracket was tough, and the top 3 girls were the same exact top 3 last year, but I feel like I got into my head too much in my last two matches. I think I could’ve done better. But I am definitely proud of all the hard work, time, energy and dedication I poured into this sport. I feel like my hard work finally paid off. “

With this being her last tournament as a Redhawk, she feels some pressure lifted off her shoulders, but also isn’t ready to say goodbye.

“It’s bittersweet,” Qiu said. “I’m so glad I never have to cut weight again and I can eat whatever I want without worrying about my weight, but I’m gonna miss wrestling. It’s been such a huge part of my life for so long that it kinda feels weird and unbelievable now that it’s over.”

Although this may be the end of her high school career Qiu plans on continuing to have wrestling a part of her life. 

“I think I’ll stay connected to wrestling,” Qiu said. “I might join a club just to roll around in college, or I’ll get into jiu jitsu, since I know that’s what a lot of my ex-wrestler friends did. I’m definitely gonna go to duals at UWisconsin, since the college I’m going to has D1 wrestling.”