Marching season in the works: Band hosts visual camp for incoming freshmen


Caroline Attmore

As band begins preparation for marching season, directors have hosted a visual camp for incoming freshman in order to prepare them for next year’s marching season. However, with the continuation of COVID-19, band directors have had to make a few adaptations this year in order to help incoming freshman.

Isabelle Engles, Guest Contributor

COVID-19 has made planning school events way different than usual. However, despite the struggles of the pandemic, marching band recently hosted a visual camp for incoming freshmen. 

“Visual camp is where all of the kids who are doing band next year (including 8th graders/incoming freshmen) come to rehearsals with our band directors and even directors from out of town to learn more about marching band and how to start marching,” freshman Zoe Miller said. 

With COVID-19 this year, Miller believes that the pandemic affects visual band camp in many ways. 

“It’s a lot different considering we aren’t allowed to help each other in the ways we normally would. We also can’t be close to each other, so learning how to march is set up differently,” Miller said. “Sometimes COVID-19 makes it harder to get to know people but we can always find a new day to do so.” 

However freshman Sanjana Vallampati feels COVID-19 didn’t have a big impact on visual band camp. 

“There was a lot more space in between us for social distancing and we had to be careful with masks and such,” Vallampati said. “Other than that, it was not much different than usual.” 

Because of the pandemic, band directors have had to make a few adaptations this year in order to help incoming freshmen. 

“The directors sent out informational videos so we would learn more of the exercises and march from home so we can be more prepared,” Vallampati said. “They also reduced the tension that incoming freshmen would have by constantly sending out information and safely guiding us through practice.”