Unwarranted Opinions: the resolute urgency of tonight


Morgan Kong

In her weekly column “UnWarranted Opinions,” staff reporter Drew Julao takes on a variety of topics and gives her take.

Drew Adrian Julao, Staff Reporter

“In this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes.”

I’m sure that most people are familiar with this statement because it has been relevant for years, and it is true, but it is incomplete. Every time I come across this statement I can’t help but think about its missing piece; time. Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and time. After all, time stops for no one.

Time is so beautiful and concrete and scary because once it passes, it’s gone forever. It is terrifying and sad because that moment is lost now and can never be replicated exactly the same, but that is also what makes it beautiful. That every moment we live in is unique and will never happen again.

With this in mind, I would like to remind everyone of something. Call this a PSA, if you will. You need to live in every moment of your life. Being present makes everything feel stronger and more connected to you on a personal level.

You never know what moments in life will be special until after they’ve happened, so live your waking life. Be conscious and alive.

There is no point in being afraid of the inevitable. Time is something that will always pass and you can’t control it, so just enjoy the present. Make yourself want to go back into the past by making memories that feel magical. Make memories that seem like fever dreams in your head late at night when you have nothing to think about and just feel alive.

Be kind to yourself and do yourself the favor of opening up to the world to experience it because there is nothing sadder than wasted potential. The resolute urgency of tonight awaits you and, I implore you, live it seriously. Live it with intent.

Live your life with only one expectation and that is to live it happily. Do the things that you know will better you in the long run and live for yourself. Be present because it can do so much for your future.