Serving for 2nd straight win, tennis takes on Heritage


Amelia Jauregui

Tennis is seeking out their second win of the season in their next competition against the Heritage Coyotes. The team is coming off of a 10-9 win and hopes to widen the gap between scores in their next match.

Michael Coppinger, Assistant Sports Editor

Coming off of a close 10-9 win on Friday against state ranked #4 Centennial High School, the Redhawks are on the road to face the Heritage Coyotes at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday. 

“If everyone puts in an effort and cheers each other on, we have a very good chance at winning,” junior Milla Dopson said, who is eager to get back on the courts after competing as a state semifinalist last season. “My goals for me and my team are to work hard and cheer each other on so we can be supportive and come closer as a team.”

Nonetheless, the athletes know that remaining humble and focused is essential in order to continue on the road to the postseason. 

“I think the biggest goal for our team is to make playoffs,” senior Charlie Zhang said. “We barely missed it last year.”