School administration seeking changes in student use of stairs


Kirthi Gummadi

With approximately 2,000 students on campus, the main stairway in the C wing can get congested during passing periods. To help alleviate this, school administration is asking students to use the stairs at the end of each C hallway to go down to the first floor and the stairs near the cafeteria and library to go up to the 2nd floor.

Trinity Williams, WTV Staff Reporter

With approximately 2,000 students on campus every day, the hallways are more crowded than last year when only about 1,000 students were on campus.

One of the most congested times of the day is during passing periods with the main stairs in the C wing often filled with crowds of students. 

But the school is now asking students to use the stairs at the end of the C halls to go downstairs and the ones in the middle of the hallway to go up. 

“Hopefully during the passing period you’ve seen all of the congestion at the bottom of the stairwell and the top,” assistant principal Tony Escoto said. “That hope will reduce traffic in the main stairwell so it makes it easier for people that can’t go up to go up and not be blocked by people who want to go down. You should be doing it no​​w but hopefully this week you should be seeing administrators up there guiding the traffic.”

For sophomore Lauren Sinclair, there’s an easy way to fix the problem.

“I think it’s really crowded and chaotic because everybody just goes up the same way and I feel like if everybody just stayed on the right side of the hallways and stairs it would be fine with people going up and people going down there would be no traffic,” Sinclair said. “I think it’s really inconvenient for people that have classes by the stairs and I feel like if everybody stayed on their side of the stairs we wouldn’t have to go up the side stairs unless it’s really necessary.”