Tennis looks to bounce back after loss


Amelia Jauregui

Redhawk tennis hosts the Independence Knights at The Nest on Tuesday, with hopes of achieving a win. Many players believe consistency and teamwork will secure the win.

Michael Coppinger, Assistant Sports Editor

Redhawk tennis returns home Tuesday night with hopes to bounce back after a tough, 14-5 loss to Lebanon Trail. Despite what appears to be a lopsided score, several players believe that victory was not far out of reach. They hope to translate that philosophy into action Tuesday as they take on the Reedy Lions starting at 4 p.m.

“As a team, we had many chances to close out the matches,” junior Sanjheev Rao said via text. “We lacked in key points, especially in tiebreaks.”

However, for Sanjheev Rao, the timing of the Reedy match is optimal for in-season improvement.

“The match against Reedy is definitely an easier one,” Rao continued. “If I hit more backhands to work on it, I can get better for the bigger matches in the following weeks.”

For others, like junior Morgan Mowery, the battle remains largely mental.

“I think the team needs to work on being well-rounded players both physically and mentally,” Mowery said. “Being able to compete with both our skill and our mental side, it will help us become stronger players.”