Choir All-State auditions begin Tuesday


Kia Dunlop

Choir students prepare for the first round of All-state auditions Tuesday. The audition will consist of two cuts from music they have been working on.

Aayra Oswal, Staff Reporter

UIL All-State auditions for choir begin Tuesday and there is hope for a normal audition process.

“This year, we’re going back to all in person auditions,“ Ugolini said. “Last year, everything was recorded, which I would say put less pressure on people if they messed up, since they could easily re-record. I really like [the live auditioning] way, because even though there are higher stakes, it’s more accurate to what you would be doing in a real concert.”

Students are currently preparing around three to six pieces for a blind audition in front of five judges who will rank their singing. 

“I’m auditioning for alto one, this year, and I think that while last year was just an experience in and of itself, this year will hopefully be similar to freshman year,” junior Srividya Nalladdhigal said. “ Freshman year was like an actual concert, and it was just a different experience than last year, where we had to record ourselves to submit the auditions. It just didn’t feel like we were auditioning at all. It felt more like a regular school assignment. I feel more nervous to go back to hopefully performing than excited, but overall, I just can’t wait!!”

Hoping everything will go according to plan, junior Arya Patil looks forward to auditioning as soprano two this year.

“Last year I got to All-regions, so I hope to get past that this year, hopefully to area auditions,” Patil said. “Last year, we didn’t perform at all, so that’s gonna be the biggest difference in these two years – being able to perform. I am hoping all-region won’t get cancelled because of an increase of COVID cases, since I really am looking forward to it.”