Cross country jogs to the start on Friday


Emily Vetvick

With Districts insight, the Redhawks take the course to prepare for the battle ahead. With high hopes for the meet, athletes from all grade levels are seeking record scores.

Michael Coppinger, Staff Reporter

With three guaranteed meets left in the season, cross country makes their way to the Braswell Little D Invitational at North Lakes Park on Friday. 

Nearing the culmination of the season’s end, the Redhawks are more committed than ever to improvement through practice. The team’s mindset can be summed up in the mantra received from coach Khera Vay.

“Trust the Process,” Vay said.

Reiterating the importance of improvement, senior Alyssa Murphy believes practice is immensely important in order to translate success on race day.

“Our mindset going into each workout is to make the most of it,” Murphy said via text. “Some days, that’s running 4 miles of hills and other days, that’s stretching and taking ice baths.”

On the other hand, this race holds important previews of challenges to come after the district meet. 

“I think we need to focus on beating Rock-Hill,” junior Fernando Levya-Montiel said. “Just to know that we have a shot at State makes that important right now.”