Club registration deadline is fast approaching


Kate Graham

The deadline to register clubs is fast approaching. Students must have a sponsor, paperwork, and approval from an assistant principal in order to register.

Sadie Johnson, WTV Staff Reporter

New and returning clubs are popping up almost every day, but time is running out for anybody wanting to start a club.

The official deadline to submit all completed club paperwork is October 14th.

In order to start a club, students need to find a teacher on campus to sponsor the club. 

From there, students must contact either assistant principal Tony Escoto or assistant principal Fern Addo to get a club approved. 

Once that’s done, students need to be prepared to discuss the purpose of the club and how it would add value to campus life.

“When we look at non-curricular clubs, what we’re looking for is how that club is gonna add value to Liberty,” assistant principal Tony Escoto said. “It’s not about getting your service hours, it’s not about getting all of your friends together to start a club.”

Clubs should not be made for the sole purpose of socializing with friends.

“Some of the clubs are finding interests that a majority of the school may have, and if we see there is a need for that group, we do end up doing those types of clubs,” Escoto said. “But if it’s a club where I have my friends and we want to do this club and there is no way to improve and add value, then that’s where the clubs do get turned down.”