PSAT changes block schedule

Karina Grokhovskaya

Karina Grokhovskaya, WTV Producer

In years past, when there was any form of state or national testing, the school stuck to the “A day” “B day” schedule, but this year that has changed.

Wednesday is an “A day,” but it’s also when the PSAT is being administered which means all students, whether they are taking the PSAT or not, will not have a first or second period, but there will be a 3rd and 4th period.

Freshmen and seniors will come to school at 12:45 for the start of 3rd period, while sophomores and juniors will go to their 3rd period class when the PSAT is over. 

Since 1A and 2A classes will not happen, Frisco-ISD leadership has decided to also make Thursday an “A day”, pushing the next “B day” to Friday. 

According to principal Ashley Rainwater, tomorrow afternoon will be a chance for 3a and 4a teachers to offer enrichment, and then pick up with normal classwork on Thursday. 

Having back-to-back “A days” also allows the semester to end on a “B day.” 

For many teachers, these “A days” will be a benefit to both them and their students.

“So what we have been doing as a department is we are going to use that extra afternoon for students that we do see for extension, redemption, review, so they get a little more enrichment,” social studies department head Jeff Crowe said.

For students that are in program-based classes such as red rhythm, having back-to-back “A Days” allows them extra practice time.

“It’s good to have two A days because it gives the team more practice time,” red rhythm captain senior Kelsey Madden said.