Swim team dives deep for a 6A competition


Roy Nitzan

The Redhawks look to dive deep in a 6A competition over the weekend. The team usually competes against other 5A schools. However, Saturdays meet will put the athlete’s skills to the test.

Addy Schick, Sports Editor

After an 8th place finish for the boys and a 9th place finish for the girls in their last meet, the Redhawks swim team is looking to improve at Saturday’s 6A Mid Season Championship.

 “We’re at the halfway point, and I’m super excited for the kids that were gonna have out there,” head coach Nicholas Dion said. “Lots of great competition, you know we don’t normally swim 6A. It’ll be a great opportunity to see some folks that are outside of what we normally see at a typical meet.” 

Taking on bigger schools, junior Maria Oushalkas is confident in her abilities.

“This meet I’m gonna compete in the 2 Free and 100 Fly,” Oushalkas said. “My odds actually get lower, but I think because of my abilities and how well I perform in the 5A region I think I will do pretty well and probably top 16.”

Even though there will be more competition with as many as 600 swimmers taking part in the meet, junior Henry Nguyen sees an opportunity to impress more people.

“6A has a lot of competition but I think we’re just gonna go out there and do our best,” Nguyen said. “I’m not trying to be nervous, because if we’re nervous we’re going to mess up. But obviously since this is a bigger competition I guess more people too it’s just more people to impress I guess.”