Bringing awareness to epilepsy

Kirthi Gummadi, WTV Executive Producer

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes unexplainable seizures, and currently has no cure and to help bring attention to this disorder, November is national epilepsy awareness month and it’s a month that has special meaning to sophomore Liyana Hunter.

“So for me it’s been a lot, because I’ve had it since I was six months old and whenever I was, I think three or four, I was seizure free,” Hunter said. “Until I was nine, then ever since I was nine, I’ve had them, but I’ve had to go through six surgeries, but I’m happy that I’m still here with all my friends having help from the doctors.”

Hunter is also an ambassador for Make a Wish and runs her own foundation that helps make hospital visits for other children with epilepsy a little bit easier.

“So this month means a lot because I have epilepsy and, and I know that other kids have epilepsy, having to go through so many surgeries and it’s a lot, but I’m still here,” Hunter said. “Now I have my own foundation and it’s up and running and now we raise money to get stuff for children’s hospitals, get new toys, materials for them to play with, and raise money to find a cure for epilepsy.”