Taste of Japan shines through at Ramen Hakata

Guest Contributor Ananya Kulkarni describes her take on Japanese restaurant Ramen Hakata in Frisco.

Ananya Kulkarni

Guest Contributor Ananya Kulkarni describes her take on Japanese restaurant Ramen Hakata in Frisco.

Ananya Kulkarni, Guest Contributor

Japanese cuisine has a long history of bringing people together, whether it be over a simple bowl of noodles or an elaborate feast. Now, thanks to Ramen Hakata, this experience can also be shared by residents of Frisco.  

With affordable prices and a large menu, Ramen Hakata offers customers an intimate and delicious exposure to Japanese culinary traditions. 

The Spicy Chicken Karaage was easily the highlight of our experience. The perfectly fried chicken coated in a secret spicy sauce served with coleslaw would leave anyone with a smile on their face. Contrary to the name, this dish is not lip numbingly spicy but rather a peppery sweetness. The cool, refreshing coleslaw paired excellently with the chicken. With flawlessly crispy yet tender meat and a tangy-sweet sauce, this is perfect for anyone looking for a unique fried chicken experience. 

The Miso Ramen, noodles dipped in a pork based broth containing miso garnished with corn, chashu, soft boiled egg, garlic oil, black mushrooms and green onions, is another memorable dish. As the garlic oil fuses gracefully with the salty yet not overpowering broth, a delicious soup is created. The garnishings, namely the tender pork chashu and the black mushroom work well with the perfectly cooked noodles even though the green onions do get overwhelming. The savoury flavour and the faultless combination of ingredients are highlighted by the minimally spiced soft boiled egg as it provides a sharp contrast to the rest of the flavourful elements. This is a must try for anyone who wants to try traditional Japanese ramen. 

Curry is not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Japanese food but that will all change, thanks to the Tonkatsu Curry Rice. It is a chicken curry containing potatoes, peas and beni shoga, a type of pickled ginger. Once again, the chicken is tender yet perfectly crisp and couples marvelously with soft potatoes and satisfyingly crunchy peas. The beni shoga adds a surprising yet welcome energizing and zesty twist to the turmeric and chili heavy curry. The rice as well compliments the curry but does not steal the spotlight. This well balanced curry will leave anyone wanting more. 

Ramen Hakata is a clean and pleasing restaurant with attentive and quick service, a homely ambience and is perfect for anyone looking to indulge in traditional Japanese food but not wanting to empty their pockets.